The Gracefully Collared Dove

Eurasian collared doves are similar to mourning doves and easily mistaken for one. However, they are larger and slimmer compared to the mourning dove. The broad tail is also squared off at the tip rather than pointed. A distinguishing mark is the black crescent outlined in white on the back of the dove’s neck. The wingtips are darker than the rest of the wing.
You may see this graceful dove perched on telephone poles, wires, and large trees. Their coos are three-syllables and, although similar in pitch to the mourning dove’s cry, it sounds much more urgent and repetitive. They are strong fliers, flapping their wings in bursts and making looping glides in the air. When walking, like mourning doves, the eurasian collared dove will bob the head and flick the tail.
The eurasian collared dove lives in both urban and suburban areas in the U.S., except in the Northeast. In rural settings they will stay in farms and in livestock yards, feasting on dropped grain. During the cooler months, flocks roost together in large trees.



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